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Guided tours by our guides 

During summer, our trainee guides propose  visits of places that made path of the Hundred Years War in the two groupement of local authorities : Éguzon-Argenton-Vallée de la Creuse and Marche Occitane-Val d'Anglin.

Both trainee guides are student in French colleges for a master in medieval history. This summer of guided tours in our region is part of their formation as an internship. 

Those tours offer an unique content, made out of the local records, and the history of the places. Therefore, programs are made and published monthly. 

Our tours are in French, but, our guides speak English. You just have to ask for a special tour in English for free. 

You can find the program of their visit here : (In french) ! Feel free to contact us at any moment to ask for a tour in English, our tours will be glad to show you our historical treasures.

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