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-The association and its project-

A chain of medieval sites characterise the region between the south of Berry and the North of the Limousin, prolonging to the east of Poitou and to the west of the Bourbonnais. Built ou fortified during the Hundred years war between the border of the Kingdom of France and the English Aquitaine, 24 castles, borough, and a great number of dwellings, fortified houses and structures punctuate this territory. They spread mainly alongside valleys of the Anglin, Bouzanne, Creuse, Indre, and of the Arnon. This particular abundance of the civil medieval heritage combined to the religious heritage explain the work of global promotion that the federation wants to lead.


Therefore we wish to contribute to the enrichment of the cultural offer already existing, around Georges Sand, the painters valley of the Creuse, or the Jacques Coeur Road, In this country of bocage, at the crossroads of historical provinces, between the Oc and Oïl cultures, between limestone and granite, where the medieval heritage is valorised by local actors. Thus, private landlord, collectivities, tourism professional, association or passionate people contribute to make this heritage a factor of the regional sightseeing economy.


The association has three final purposes : 

- Enhance the knowledge of the medieval heritage often  to the inhabitants and create a greater approbation of significant episode of the local history and identity.

- Encourage the valorisation of sites and places linked to the Middle Age and to the Hundred Years War by supporting the owners and animators by a scientific and technical expertise.

- Establish a new regional sightseeing axe by enhancing the coherence and abundance of this space of cultural and   political border in the Middle Age and the importance of this period for the creation of a particular local identity.The project is spread throughout a dozen of communities of contiguous municipality.

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