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Animations and Agenda

Guided tours


During summer season, we offer you guided tours of the places that made the Hundred Years War in Berry, Marche and Poitou


Thhey are made by students which create their own visits each year and change it every fifteen days. Feel free to contact us for guided tours in English, it's free ! 

Exposition itinérante

The exposition "The Hundred Years War, between Berry, Marche and Poitou"  gives you a historical and patrimonial view of our territories. Thanks to its fifteen panels, it shows you this large period of war and allows you to deepen you knowledge by giving a special view on places or on some historical figures.

The exposition will be at :

  • The Multimedia library of Moulins-sur-Céphons from September the 1st to November the 12th 2018.


The exposition has been initiated by our association and made in collaboration of the ARHAMIS (Association for research in history and medieval archaeology  in Indre). It's also supported by the local authorities. 

A brochure of the exposition is available for purchase, but it's only in French unfortunately 

“1100 Years of the Notre-Dame Abbey. Understand the clunisian influence in Middle-Ages.
September 8th, 9th and 10th in Déols, Indre

Participation in the international

conference of Déols for the Notre-Dame Abbey

In order to celebrate the 1100 years of the Notre-Dame abbey in Déols, Indre, an exceptional  weekend is planned with historians for a conference in order to understand the history of this thousands years old abbey, but also influences of the religious order of Cluny in the Middle-Ages
A medieval camp will be planted outside the abbey on Saturday and Sunday with a Concert of Diabolus in musica and some shows of falconry, swords fights but also a local market for food and arts. 
Among the participants, the president of our association, Alexandre Godin, but also the president of the ARHAMIS, Madame Armelle Querrien, as well as Didier Dubant and Pierre Remérand. 
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